Joey Cruz

Born to a family of singers, dancers, artists, and entertainers, I have been telling stories in some way, shape, or form for as long as I can remember.

I've had comics published in The Gathering, Low Concept, and upcoming Bizarre New World anthologies. My short fiction has appeared on, I've been a contest winner on, and my ongoing serial novel, GATEWALKER, updates regularly on

Aside from telling my own stories, I also love working with other creators to help bring their visions to life as a story consultant and editor.

I've spent over 20 years consuming and creating stories, studying how they are told, figuring out why they did or didn’t work, and being annoyed with every other critic or editor too quick to marginalize the uniquely personal endeavor of the writer. Because of this, I approach editing from a place of empathy. My critiques are comprehensive and tailored specifically to the project -- I will never provide a prefabbed list of generic advice. Every story is the person who wrote it, so I approach each project with the care and attention of a good therapist.

In short, storytelling is my passion, and I will leap at each and every opportunity to do so. If you're a writer looking for guidance, or just another set of eyes to evaluate your story, drop me a line.

Visit my Homepage for my full writing portfolio.